what were dora’s bedtime wishes
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finished my sign for the CFSP! y’all have until tomorrow @ midnight to send in your photos!! please please double please get em done CF’rs✌️
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things im thankful for

  • jennifer lawrence as katniss everdeen
  • jennifer lawrence’s boobs
  • jennifer lawrence’s hair
  • jennifer lawrence’s face
  • jennifer lawrence on interviews
  • jennifer lawrence with josh hutcherson
  • jennifer lawrence’s eyes

I’m thankful for jennifer lawrence making it to my top list of celeb chicks w the ugliest cry face. 😭😖

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12 is when it happens..
for a girl anyways

Anonymous: My boyfriend calls me fat :(


Call him single


how do you delete other people’s posts

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"$250 for a meet and greet? You better get to suck their dick or something"